LEVEL-DESIGN.org News Roundup – Volume 48

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LEVEL-DESIGN.org News Roundup – Volume 48

Hello fellow Level Designers and Artists! Welcome to the 48th volume of LEVEL-DESIGN.org News Roundup. This update is a bit rushed, I could probably find more links but I wanted to post what I already had for you before the winter season break.

My Level Design book is still coming and getting better every week. Sadly, I have no time for recordings but hopefully, this will change next year! By the way, did I mentioned that recently I got hired a Senior Level Artist & Designer at Techland? Yep, I’m back! :)

I wish you the best in upcoming year 2019! I hope that during winter season break you’ll have a chance to relax and recharge your creativity, so 2019 will kick-start with fresh ideas for great levels! Thank you for your support and donations via Patreon! This website exists thanks to you, guys! Raised money allows me to move the website to a better, faster and bigger server that is available world-wide!


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