LEVEL-DESIGN.org News Roundup – Volume 46

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Hi fellow artists and designers, welcome to the 46th volume of the LEVEL-DESIGN.org News Roundup. This Time I got  for you around 50 interesting links to recent level art and design materials. I hope you’ll enjoy the collection!

A little update note:
Recently I got busy at work and I dedicated my personal time to writing a Level Art & Design book. That’s it, some of you guys already know it. I’m writing about my experiences as a level designer, about how to become and grow as a designer. There will be also a lot of material about how to build levels for small, linear games and also huge, open world blockbusters. I don’t have any due date but I hope to finish draft by the end of the year. This book is the main reason why I’m not updating the website and recording new shows. One show is ready and will be published soon. I hope to release one show per month after I’ll finish with core of the book.





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