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The idea of introducing video content to LEVEL-DESIGN.org was bugging me for a long time. I wanted to share my industry experience, thoughts and design knowledge with a bigger audience but my biggest concern was my English. My native language is Polish but to get a bigger audience, I cannot go with Polish voice plus English subtitles. I decided to try speaking in English, we’ll see how it goes. It won’t be aired live so I’ll be able to prepare the talk before recording, record again etc. When first videos will be aired, let me know what do you think. Also, sorry in advance for butchering this cool language.

During November I’ll begin with publishing first Level Design Analysis Videos in which I’ll be breaking down levels’ core structure and principles that were driving the design process. I’d really like to have Half-Life 2 to be the first analysed title. I’ll focus on believability, world design, telling story only through gameplay, subtle teaching of the core mechanics introductions, a bit of Source Engine history and many more. Here’s a link:

LEVEL-DESIGN.org YouTube Channel

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