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First of all, my name is hard to pronounce, I know that. Please, call me Matt P.!

I'm a passionate, positive, enthusiastic level artist and designer, landscape architect, amateur photographer, urban explorer, quite a good cook and food lover. Founder and writer on website. Active in the professional video games industry since 2007, modding and making custom game levels for "Quake" any other games since year 2000. Scared of spiders, can't swim, ambivert, left-handed, addicted to video games. PC is my platform of choice. First X-Com and first Quake are my all-time favorite games. I made my first level layout sketch when I was 8 years old.

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: Twitter - My Twitter account. Follow me: @leveldesign_org.
: MobyGames - Short biography and games I've been working on.
: LinkedIn - My career and education profile.

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First Name : Mateusz
Last Name : Piaskiewicz
Nickname : Matt P., mjenso, seir
Date of Birth : 27th August 1986 (Zawiercie, Poland)
Nationality : Polish
Address : Ask me via email.
Phone Number : Ask me via email.
Email :
Native Language : Polish
Second Language : English (Intermediate)
Education : Bachelor degree: Landscape Architect
Work Experience : 2006 - present
Modding Experience : 2000 - 2006


Technical Skills : Autodesk 3DS Max 2013 (High/Low Poly Modeling, UV Mapping) - Professional
: Adobe Photoshop CS5 (Texturing) - Advanced
: zBrush R4 (High Poly Modeling) - Basic
: Crazy Bump (Normal Maps) - Professional
: nJob (Normal Maps) - Professional

: Perforce (Source Control Management) – Advanced (Visual Client)
: Mantis (Bug Tracking) - Advanced

: ChromED (Chrome Engine 3-6) - Professional
: Unreal Development Kit (Unreal Engine 3) - Advanced
: Sandbox (CryEngine 3) - Basic
: GTKRadiant (IDTech Engine) - Advanced
: WorldCraft / Valve Hammer Editor (Source Engine) - Advanced
: Creation Kit (G.E.C.K.) - Basic
General Skills : Complete Level Creation (Professional):
- Topic Research, Collecting Reference and Creating Moodboards.
- Level Design Document and Pre-production: Defining Level Vision, Mood, Required Content and Assets.
- Walkthrough Plan and Floorplan Sketches.
- Gameplay Design (Mechanics Design & Usage).
- Quest Story Writing.
- Blocking Out Prototype (Whitebox Stage).
- Gameplay Scripting and Implementation.
- Building Level Geometry and Architecture.
- Level Art Benchmarks.
- Art and Detailing Pass.
- Lighting (In-Game and Cinematics).
- Post-Processing (Dynamic Weather, Special Effects, Camera Effects).
- In-Game Cinematics.
- Level Analysis, Balance and Playtest.
- Bug Fixing, Optimization and Performance Tweaks.

: Mentoring & Maintaining Level Vision (Advanced):
- Managing and mentoring the Art Team and Junior Designers.
- Editor and Engine Technical Support.
- Creating and maintaining level props and geometry content list.
- Creating and maintaining level production plan and timeline.
- Overseeing the creation of Environment Art for the project with respect for artistic direction.
- Follow up on asset creation process with feedback.

: Asset Creation (Intermediate):
- High/Low Poly Modeling.
- Level of Detail Mesh Modeling.
- Collision Mesh Modeling.
- UV Mapping.
- Baking Normal Maps From Mesh or Diffuse Map.
- Texturing.
- Material Creation.

Lecturer : "Level Art and Design Course" (September 25th, 2012) (8 Hour Speech) at Digital Frontier Game Creation Course 2012 (Warsaw, Poland) (Official Website)
: “Applying gameplay to game environments” at SkillDev Game Creation Workshops 2014 (Wroclaw, Poland) (News Post)
: "How To Create A Game World" (February 22th, 2013) at Lublin University of Technology (Lublin, Poland) (Newspaper Article, Interview for Local TV Station)
: "Creating Adventures and Environments for Video Games" at Technology Festival (Leszno, Poland) (Festival Program)
: "Creating Adventures and Environments for Video Games" at Wro Camp Pro - Startup Conference (Wroclaw, Poland) (Startup Website Article)
: "Creating Adventures and Environments for Video Games" at Wroclaw University of Technology - Tk Games (Wroclaw, Poland)
Community Support : ChromED Tools Usage Videos and Articles for Chrome Engine 4 (
: ChromED Tools Usage Videos and Articles for Chrome Engine 5 (Games Creators Academy (PL: Akademia Tworcow Gier))
Owner : - Level Art & Design News (Link)
: Reference Database - Tagged Game Screenshot Database For Reference Purposes (Link)
Writer : Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood Mapping Community - An article about our COJModding community (Link)
: Making of Catacombs - Series of articles about creating a "Catacombs" level for Hellraid (Parts: I, II, III, IV, V)
: Gamasutra Blogs - My articles posted on Gamasutra (Link)


Awards : Initiative and Innovation Ace (Techland, 2013, Nominated)
: Remarkably Infallible and Efficient (Techland, 2013, Nominated)
: Extremely Wide-Ranging (Techland, 2012, Won)


- Interview by Alex Galuzin, World of Level Design, November 9th 2009 (English)
Mateusz "seir" Piaskiewicz, Level Designer at Techland
- Interview by SpronyVanJonson, MapCore - Game Development Community, January 2nd 2014 (English)
Mateusz "seir" Piaskiewicz, Senior Level Artist at Techland
- Interview by Patryk Polewiak,, January 18th 2014 (Polish)
Mateusz "seir" Piaskiewicz, Senior Level Artist at Techland (English - Google Translation)