Arbor Vitae – UDK Scene by Philip Klevestav Helder Pinto

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If you thought it’s next-gen scene with all new shiny technology then I’m afraid you’re wrong. Arbor Vitae it’s a UDK scene by MapCore folks –  Helder Pinto and Philip Klevestav. Just watch:

More stuff on MapCore. If it’s still not enough, you should visit Helder’s and Philip’s portfolio websites.

Battlefield 4 Foliage Art Dump at Polycount

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Simon Barle, Foliage Artist from DICE shared on Polycount his environment work from Battlefield 4.

More screenshots here. Make sure to visit Simon’s portfolio website! News Roundup – Volume 7

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  • PlanetPhillip’s AmbushVille Competition Released! [Blog Post]
  • How Not To Build Map In 10 Days – Daz’s AmbushVille Retrospective [Blog Post]
  • AmbushVille Levels  Walkthrough and Commentary by Custom Gamer [Athelstan] [Factory Condition]
  • Dead City from Rage – Environment Presentation by Polygon Fragments [YouTube Video]
  • Exclusive Interview with Phil Co, Level Designer at Valve [Interlopers Blog Post] News Roundup – Volume 6

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  • The Depths from Dark Souls – Environment presentation by Polygon Fragments[YouTube Video]
  • Procrastination Is Bad – A disease that touches most of the industry artists and designers, be aware! [Polycount Post]
  • Valve Hammer Editor Mapping Survey – Interesting mappers survey results posted by Brian Riggsbee [Blog Post]
  • In-Depth Look At Doom Episode 1 [Video Analysis]
  • Level Design in Video Games – Article that explains what is Level Design and how it works, good for aspiring designers [Article] News Roundup – Volume 5

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  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Trilogy Level Analysis – Nice level analysis posted on Russian blog about Level Design (thanks channie for the link) [Blog article]
  • Mainframe Mayhem by mfx – New Quake 1 Single Player level [Download, Screenshots, Discussion on func_msgboard]
  • Salvage Street Scene – CryEngine scene by kwshipman [CryDev news website]
  • Unreal Engine 4 Visual Effects – Amazing presentation of special effects from UE4 [YouTube Video]
  • Fort Ratsack by Biff Debris – Video Commentary by Daz [YouTube Video]
  • Operation: Make Faster Game – Talking about optimization in PlanetSide 2, many cool hints about methods that can save memory [YouTube]

Reference Database Update

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In next few days I’ll be updating the Videos album with game titles that are already in Screenshots album. The list starts with Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 (more than 100 videos!) and Battlefield: Bad Company 2. I also added few screenshots from Left 4 Dead 2, Syndicate and Battlefield 3. News Roundup – Volume 4

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Movies Are Now Available on Reference Database!

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No more still shots! Tagged movies are now available on Reference Database. Right now I’m testing the platform only with Dear Esther – Videos album but soon you’ll get more.  Here’s what you’ll see on the videos:

  • Logo Screens
  • Main Menu Options
  • Credits (short part of it just to get the idea)
  • Loading Screens
  • In-Game Menus
  • HUD Elements in Action
  • Different Gameplay Typces (platform, puzzle, fighting etc.)
  • Environment Previews

Go check it here. Also you can now use a new short site address:

I hope you’ll like it! Don’t mention the funky colors on previews. YouTube did that. Any ideas? Send me a mail with feedback, thanks!

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