11-Day Level Design Contest – Winners!

Alex G. from World of Level Design announced results of 11-Day Level Design Contest. The goal of the contest was to create Winter themed level in certain period of time and design workflow. More information about contest and winners can be found here.

Winner – “Escape from Parkdale” by Oilcake (Left4Dead 2)

RunnerUp – “Abandoned Depot” by Shepard 203 (Crysis)

RunnerUp – “Koth Cliffside” by Severance (Team Fortress 2)

Portfolio On Spot: Robert Briscoe

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Robert Briscoe is a 3D Artist from United Kingdom. In his portfolio you can find professional work from Mirror’s Edge developed by DICE and a lot of other impressive projects. Also have a look on his current projects from his Dev Blog.

Mirror’s Edge:

CounterStrike: Source – de_Forest:

Nuclear Down MOD – nd_Russia:

Visit Robert’s portfolio and his Dev Blog.

Portfolio On Spot: Bram Eulaers

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Bram “Peris” Eulaers is an Environment Artist from Stockholm. You might remember his name from Unearthly Challenge and award wining Abandoned Colony scene. Take a look at his portfolio.

Forest Environment:

Swedish Mansion:

Abandoned Colony:

Scenes from Bionic Commando

You can check more Bram’s scenes at his portfolio site. Also you can check an interview with Bram at GameArtisans.