NoGhost Quake 3 Arena Mapping Competition #2

New Quake 3 Arena mapping contest from Maverick Servers and NoGhost is comming! Last time we had a great time looking on the winners’ maps. Rewards will be great so it’s time to dust off Radiant and start with mapping for this great platform.

More information and rules can be found on official contest page.

GDC 2010 Stuff

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If you’re looking for presentations about art and design in game industry you should visit GDC Vault web site and check latest Game Developers Conference 2010 slides. Free content can be found here.

Also you can find some slides and documents directly on authors’ blogs:
Joel Burges –“Level Designer, Storyteller”
Harvey Smith, Mattias Worch – “What Happened Here? – Environmental Storytelling”
Mattias Worch – “Level Design in a Day – Best Practises From The Best in The Business”

If you found some more useful articles, please contact me and we’ll publish it on

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3D Environment Design is a new web site created by Alex Galuzin, author of World of Level Design portal. As author wrote, on 3DED you can find:

– Experiments in 3D Environment Designs and Game Level Designs
– Free source files downloads of environment designs, props, prefabs, instances, and textures that you can use in your levels and projects
– Premium downloads of modeled environments in Maya
– Interior and Exterior Environment Designs created using Maya, Unreal Engine, Hammer Source
– Fresh and new environments and props added regularly

Go ahead and visit

Game Environment Challenge – Image Reference Re-Creation 2

Another Image Reference Re-Creation Challange is on the way at World of Level Design. Challenge rules are a bit differend than the last time. Now we can use any game engine or 3D software with custom textures and custom models to provide three beauty shots of abandoned cinema building. Again the main topic is to re-create the object presented on the picture as well as possible. More info and challenge rules at Challenge page.