LEVEL-DESIGN.org News Roundup – Volume 42

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It’s starting to be a tradition to post news every few months. I’d love to post more but I literally have no time, even for “patrolling” the websites where interesting level art or design content might appear. Anyway, I’m looking for contributors so if you have a bit of time and you’re checking some game dev websites regularly, swing by my email and let me know if you got any interesting design stuff. Maybe there’s a way we could post it here.

Second thing is that I’m looking for a better website engine, something like a simple Article Directory with tags, categories, latest updates page etc. do you know any?

One more thing! I’ve created a LEVEL-DESIGN.org Steam group. Feel free to join!

Cheers and enjoy the update, thanks for showing up on the website! :)
Mateusz Piaskiewicz

LEVEL-DESIGN.org News Roundup – Volume 42





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