What’s up with LEVEL-DESIGN.org?

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Hello fellow designers and artists!

No links this time, only a short but very important note about the website. As you can see, page got a new look and the Knowledge Base is almost ready to open. There’s a link to the Knowledge Base in the top menu but it’s not yet opened. The content grows of the page each day and you might got some RSS spam recently because of that. Sorry for that, it’s already fixed and should be fine. Visuals will also get some touches here and there in the future so stay tuned.

All the website changes are slowly getting there but there’s a small problem. This page takes a lot of my private time and people ask for more and more. It collides with my free time that I want to spend with my family but I have a plan! The “Knowledge Base” page idea that I described in my previous Roundup will be the main source of Level Ar & Design links. Each post with one link will be assigned to a specific category that fits to the level design process or principles. I’d no longer had to write one huge Roundup post but each link would get a separate post and category. Sadly, there will be no additional description. For me, it will save a lot of time. How it works for you? Let me know if you care and actually read this announcement :)