LEVEL-DESIGN.org News Roundup – Volume 38

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Hi! Welcome to the 38th Volume of the LEVEL-DESIGN.org News Roundup! Before I’ll start with listing the level design goodness I’ve found since the last update, I’d like to make a small announcement. During holidays and new year season, the LEVEL-DESIGN.org website won’t get any updates to the Blog and Reference Database. I’m taking my family back home to Poland for the whole month and I bet that I won’t have time for the updates so that being said, I’d like to wish you a very happy holidays and an awesome new year! Enjoy the latest articles, videos and tutorials that I found for you and I hope that you’ll always pick LEVEL-DESIGN.org as your source of Level Art & Design knowledge to improve in your interests, passions, career or hobby!

Mateusz Piaskiewicz

LEVEL-DESIGN.org News Roundup – Volume 38



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