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First Page From The LEVEL-DESIGN.org Knowledge Base Is Now Available!
Posted by on August 10th, 2014



I’m happy to announce that my own Wiki-based knowledge base is now available – LEVEL-DESIGN.org Knowledge Base! First page that is ready to publish is about Dominants. I hope you’ll find it useful. Please, feel free to contact me with any hints, requests or comments!

Here’s a quick note about the new website:

Most of the books and articles I’ve read were very game- or engine-specific. I was looking for a very universal knowledge that shows very detailed level production phases from video game development. I couldn’t find any so I’ve decided to pick MediaWiki engine and write down everything I know about making levels. The results are what you’re reading right now, LEVEL-DESIGN.org Knowledge Base. This website gathers information about all the aspects of the level creation process and is prepared for both aspiring and experienced Level Artists & Designers. In my series of articles I’ll try to explain principles of Level Art & Design on neutral ground, without technical requirements and capabilities.

All the content is written from my own experience, observation and analysis with as much development tidbits as I could put in. Comments, thoughts, requests and bug reports are welcome!

I don’t know how often the website will be updated, please follow LEVEL-DESIGN.org Blog or my Twitter feed to know about the updates. I can assure you that the next update will be about Composition and it will be available in the beginning of the next week.

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