LEVEL-DESIGN.org News Roundup – Volume 19

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LEVEL-DESIGN.org News Roundup – Volume 19

Articles and Galleries:

  • Overpas, Evolved – An article about recent changes on CS:GO’s map “Overpass” [CS:GO Blog]
  • Maps of the Month – Suggestions of best recently released CS:GO maps, designers’ thoughts and insights included! [VaKarM.net]
  • Building Crown, Part 3 – Collaborating with the Counter-Strike community [PC Gamer Article]
  • Unreal Engine 4 Effects Showcase [Polycount Thread]
  • Two Types of Level Design in the Funpocalpyse by Josh Hufton [Proletariat Blog]
  • Level Design Concepts [HobbyGameDev Blog]
  • Modded “Skyrim Landscapes IV” Gallery [Imgur Gallery]

Portfolios On Spot:



  • Interview with Kacper “KNJ” Niepokólczycki – Author of Deus Ex: Human Revolution scene [MapCore Articles]

LEVEL-DESIGN.org Reference Database:

  • Thief (2014) – Half of the campaign [Gallery]
  • Dark Souls – First few minutes [Gallery]