LEVEL-DESIGN.org Reference Database

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Finally, the LEVEL-DESIGN.org Reference Database is up and running! Here’s a note about the website:

Reference Database is a free collection of game screenshots with assigned tags that describe the images’ content. This database answers the question “How it was made in games?” so if you look for the rocks just type it in the search box and the result will be a list of game screenshots with rocks. It will help you plan and execute design ideas or the look of your graphics by setting up a benchmark – the reference from different game titles.

Right now I’ve uploaded complete screenshot collections from Dear Esther, Rage and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Most of the pictures are not tagged but be patient. Soon it will be nicely tagged.

More information can be found on the entry page – LEVEL-DESIGN.org Reference Database. The LD.org Reference Database can be found here – level-design.org/referencedb. If you would like to help with tagging or share you screenshots collection, please contact me.